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JGD Vol.10/2014 Issue 1


Social Engineering on Cultural Capital : An Alternative Understanding to Build Strong Community Engagement within ASEAN Countries

265 - 284 

Abdullah Sumrahadi, Ratnawati Yuni Suryandari


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Role of Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) Program in Early Childhood Care vis-a-vis Human Development : A Micro Level Study in Kerala, India

241 - 264 

Baiju K.C.


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The Influence of Islamic Management Practices in Budget Participation

201 - 221 

Badariah Haji Din, Bidin Yatim


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Fake Da’wah and Sectarianism : The Aftermath of Book Haram Conundrum on Islamic Education in Northern Nigeria

223 - 239 

Abdulrashid Lawan Haruna, U.S. Abbo Jimeta


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Empowering Women via Social Safety Nets and Service Delivery

183 - 200

Rozita Arshad, Ummu Atiyah Ahmad Zakuan


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