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JGD Vol.11/June 2015 Issue 1


The Reforms of Budgeting System in Malaysia

113 - 125 

Badariah Haji Din, Ahmad Zubir Ibrahim, Mohd. Fitri Abdul Rahman


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Governance and Youth Development: Experiences of the Village Development and Security Committees

97 - 111 

Siti Alida John Abdullah, Asmah Laili Hj Yeon, Rozita Arshad, Alias Azhar, Zainal Amin Ayub


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The Effect of Visual Media to Promote Awareness of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

61 - 75 

Hazem Alsharawi, Adrian M. Budiman


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The Role of Training Program for Employees: Learning and Application

77 - 96 

Nira Hariyatie Hartani


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Internal Audit Capacity to Enhance Good Governance of Public Sector Organisations: Developing Countries Perspective

39 - 60 

Philip Ayagre


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