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Håkan Sten Erik HYDÉN

 Born 1945

Married, two daughters, born 1970 and 1973


Home Kruthornsgränden 10
SE-226 52 LUND
Telephone: +46 (0)46 30 64 88
Telefax: +46 (0)46 32 08 30
Mobile: 070-530 64 30

Present position, title, department and organization

Sociology of Law
Department of Sociology
Lund University
Box 114
SE-221 00 LUND
Telephone: +46 (0)46 222 8811
Telefax: +46 (0)46 222 4434
E-mail: hakan.hyden@soc.lu.se


Clerk of the district court of Gothenburg, 1969 - 1972
Senior lecturer, Department of Commercial Law, Lund University, 1972 - 1984
Associate professor (reader) in Civil Law, Faculty of Law, Lund University, 1984 -
Acting professor in Commercial Law, fall semester 1986
Visiting professor, College of Law, University of Florida, Gainesville, researching, spring 1988 and teaching, spring semester 1994
Professor in Sociology of Law (chair), Lund University, August 1988 and onwards

Education and Degrees

LLB    1965 - 1969
BA      1972 - 1976
Ph.D    1974 - 1978
Associate professor (docent) in Civil Law 1984

Courses organized by the Swedish Board of Universities and Colleges in among others "Studies in a project organization" and in "Research and Creative Teaching" in Quebec, spring 1981


Zorn-stipend, Swedish-America Foundation, 1987, 75 000 SEK

Specialized Roles:

- Organized and participated in courses in "Labour Law" and "Introduction to Law", given in the Swedish Radio and TV by the Educational branch of the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation, 1981 and 1987 respectively.
- Organizer of extensive external education for different state and local community authorities and agencies.
- Member of the editorial committee of the Nordic Journal of Justice (Retfaerd).
- Member of the editorial committee of the African Journal of Constitutionalism and Human Rights (University of Kampala, Uganda).
- Member of the editorial committee of the Italian Journal in Sociology of Law, Sociologia del Diretto
- Member of the Board of Trustees at SIDA (Swedish International Development Authority), 1992 - 1995
- Member of the Social Science and Environment Committee of the Swedish Council For Planning and Coordination of Research, 1993 - 1999
- Chairman of the Social Science Committee at Statens Naturvårdsverk (National Swedish Environmental Protection Board), 1993 - 1996
- Member of the committee for the Nordic Environmental Research Programme, 1995 -
- Member of the so-called ”Legal Observatory” of the Swedish IT-commission, 1997
- Participation as expert in different Public Committees, such as the Inquiry on the situation for the handicapped and the Committee of Curriculum (läroplanskommittén) in integrating the subject of environmental issues into the curriculum.
- Different tasks for the National Swedish Audit Bureau, the latest on legal decision-making and economic costs within the system of public insurance in Sweden.
- Review of Women's Law Diploma Course in Harare, Zimbabwe, spring 1991, at the request of NORAD.
- Review of UNRISD, the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development, fall 1991, at the request of SAREC.
- A mission for SIDA in Mozambique: ”A Study on Conditions for Democracy”, Sida, 1992. Report is available at request.
- A mission on Agricultural Cooperatives in Uganda from the perspective of Democracy and Human Rights, for the Swedish Cooperative Center, spring 1993. Report is available at request.
- Member of the committee for the evaluation of ProSus, a research program at the Norwegian Research Council, 1998
- Member of the committee for the evaluation of the Danish Environmental Research Program, 1999 - 2000
- Scientific expert in the film-production, ”Living on a Drop”. 1998 – 1999
- Member in the Capacity Analysis Team regarding the Danish Center for Human Rights, 2001 – 2002
- Vice-chairman in the non-profit organization “Forskare möter Filmare”, (Researchers meeting Filmproducers)
- Seminars at different universities all over the world, including the so-called Third World
- Extern referee within the programme Miljö og utvikling, Norges forskningsråd, 2002
- Member of the board for the programme "Utviklingsveier i Sør, Norges forskningsråd, 2003
- Extern referee for the board of HUMSAM-cooperation, University of Oslo, 2003
- Extern referee in The Research Council of Norway 2004-
- Member of The Regional Committee for Ethical assessment of scientific applications (Regionalaetikprövningsnämnden i Lund, avd 3), 2004-
- Chairman in the organization Arbetsliv och Forskning, 2004-
- Member of the European Commission – Steering Group of DG Enterprise and Industry Legal Projects on e-Business, 2006 -

Current Interest of Research:

- Sociology of law as a science about Norms
- Sustainable development and its implication in different respects,
- Human Rights,
- Future studies, for instance in relation to working life regulation, information technology and biotechnology.

List of Publications


1. Rättsregler (Legal rules. An Introduction to the Legal System), Studentlitteratur, Lund 1996 (first published 1977), 180 pp.
2. Rättens samhälleliga funktioner (The Societal Functions of Law), Doctoral dissertation, Studentlitteratur, Lund 1978, 408 pp.
3. Arbetsrätt. Om rättens innehåll och tillämpning i arbetslivet (Labor Law. On the Content and Application of Law in Working Life), co-author, Lund 1981, 292 pp.
4. Revisorn och rätten (The Auditor and the Law), ed., Lund 1982, 183 pp.
5. Rätten som instrument för social förändring (The Law as an Instrument for Social Change), ed., Liber, Lund 1982, 109 pp.
6. Ram eller lag? Om ramlagstiftning och samhällsorganisation (Frame or Law? On Frame-Laws and Societal Organization), DsC 1984:12, Stockholm 1984, 122 pp.
7. Arbetslivets reglering (The Regulation of Working Life), Lund 1985, 282 pp.
8. Fackligt inflytande contra politisk demokrati (Trade Union Influence contra Political Democracy), ed., Dialagos, Lund 1986, 101 pp.
9. Human Rights in an Integrated, Global Perspective with Special Emphasis on Human Rights, co-author together with María Luisa Bartolomei and Shadrack B.O.Gutto, Brochure, Institute of Sociology of Law, Lund University 1989, 65 pp.
10. Arbetsmiljön i Stenindustrin (The Working Environment in the Quarry Industry), co-author, Kristianstad 1990, 254 pp.
11. The Nordic Model, co-author on the Industrial Relations within the Nordic Countries, where my part is about the Working Environment, Dartmout Publishing Company, 270 pp.
12. IT & SOCIAL FÖRÄNDRING, (IT & SOCIAL CHANGE), together with Anders Ewerman, Byggforskningsrådet, 1997, 30 pp.
13. Rätten i förändring, Om kristendenser i svensk rätt (red, tillsammans med Alf Thoor), (Law in Transition. Crisetendencies in Swedish Law), (ed.together with Alf Thoor), 1997, 120 pp.
14. Rättssociologi - då och nu, (red.) (Sociology of Law - Past and Present) 1997,150 pp.
15. Rättssociologi som rättsvetenskap (Sociology of Law as Legal Science) 1998,100 pp.
16. Rättssociologiska perspektiv på hållbar utveckling, (red), (Sociology of Law perspectives on sustainable development) (ed), Research report 1998:1, 218 pp
17. Lagen, rätten och den sociala tryggheten: Tunnelbygget genom Hallandsåsen, (Law and Trust: About the Construction of a Tunnel Through the Ridge Hallandsåsen), together with Anna-Lisa Lindén, department of Sociology, Research report 1998:1
18. Nya normer, nya regler. Om arbetsrättens upp- och nedgång, (New norms, new rules. On the Rise and Fall of Labor law), Report, 85 pp
19. Rättssociologi som emancipatorisk vetenskap, (Sociology of Law as a Science of Emancipation, 1999,
20. Aspekter av och perspektiv på normer: Rättssociologer reflekterar kring normer, (red), (Aspects and Perspectives of Norms: Sociologists of Law reflects on Norms), Research Report 1999:3, 177 pp,
21. The Implementation of Human Rights in a Global World (Contributions to the recreation of a crosscultural and interdisciplinary approach) Edited by Maria Luisa Bartolomei and Håkan Hydén. Lund Studies in Sociology of Law 9, 1999
22. Normvetenskap, (Norm-science), Department of Sociology, 2002, 330 pp.
23. Rättssociologi som rättsvetenskap, (Sociology of Law as Legal Science), Studentlitteratur, Lund 2002, 295 pp
24. Om relationer mellan normer och regler. Kompendium i rättssociologi. Sociology of Law, 2004
25. Utvärderingsstudie av Venprojektet (red. H. Hydén och P. Wickenberg), Research Report in Sociology of Law, Lund, 2004:2.
26. Landskrona 1970-2010 I tid och rum (red). Research Report in Sociology of Law, Lund 2004:3

Papers in International and Other Journals

1. ”Ramlagstiftning inom arbetsrätten” (Frame Laws within the Labour Law System), in volume in honour of Axel Adlercreutz, 1982, 25 pp.
2. ”Till kritiken av den offentliga rätten” (Critique of the Public Law), Retfaerd nr 30 1984. 20 pp.
3. ”Sociology of Law in Scandinavia”, Journal of Law and Society, 1986 nr 1, 14 pp.
4. ”Reflexive Law - Post-Regulatory Model or a Step to a New Substantive Law?”, Jahrbuch für Rechtspolitologie 1987 nr 1, Grenzen des Rechts, 13 pp.
5. ”Förmögenhetsrätten ur ett rättssociologiskt perspektiv” (The Law of Property from a Sociology of Law Perspective), Svensk Juristtidning 1988, 20 pp.
6. ”Towards a Post-Interventional Environmental Law”, Jahrbuch für Rechtspolitologie 1991 nr 2, 15 pp.
7. ”Enterprise Rights and the Swedish Experience” in Organization, The IInterdisciplinary journal of Organization, Theory and Society, Vol. 2 1995.
8. "Vad kommer efter lönearbetsrätten?" (What will come after the Labor Law of the Wage Earning Model?, in the Journal Arbetsmarknad & Arbetsliv (Labor Market and Working Life), 1996 No.4. 20 pp.
9. "Even a Stepchild Eventually Grows Up: On the Identity of Sociology of Law" i Retfærd Nr. 85, 1999
10. "Normativa grundmönster - mot en teori om rättsliga förändringsprocesser" (Normative Patterns – towards a Theory of Legal Transformation Processes) in volume in honour of Anna Christensen, Ann Henning (ed) Normativa Perspektiv (Normative Perspectives), Juristförlaget i Lund 2000, s 119 - 155

Chapters in Books

1. ”Legalstrategins rättsliga möjligheter - en inventering och diskussion” (The Potentials of Legal Strategies-an Inventory and Discussion), in Rättsdogmatikens alternativ (The alternatives of Legal Dogmatics) ed Karlo Tuori, Tam. 1988, 18 pp.
2. ”Rätten som förmedlare av goda värden” (The Law as Distributor of Good Values), in De godas vägar och avvägar - Välfärdsstaten och den sociala styrningens problem (The Welfare State and the Problems of Social Engineering), eds. Göran Thernborn and Jan Carle, Dep. of Soc, Gothenburg Univ. 1989, 28 pp.
3. ”Mot en rättsstatlig välfärdsmodell” (Towards a Legal Rule Model of the Welfare State), in Reguler og styrning I - till fornyelse af den juridiske teori och metode (Regulation and Steering I - for a Renewal of the Legal Theory and Method), ed. Ellen Margerethe Basse and Vibeke Jensen, Gad 1989, 18 pp.
4. ”Teori och praktik - Vad innebär det att undervisningen skall vila på vetenskaplig grund?” (Theory and Practice - What Does It Mean That Education Must Be Built on a Scientific Foundation?), in Regulering og Styring II - till förnyelse af den juridiske teori og metode (Regulation and Steering II - for a Renewal of the Legal Theory and Method), ed. Ellen Margerethe Basse and Vibeke Jensen, Gad 1990, 21 pp.
5. ”Demokrati och rätt” (Democracy and Law), in Svensk demokrati i förändring (Swedish Democracy in Transition), ed. Johan P. Olsen as a part of the Swedish Inquiry on Power, Carlssons Förlag, Helsingborg 1991, 26 pp.
6. ”Faktorer av betydelse för val av metod”, in Regulering og Styring III - till förnyelse av den juridiske teori og metode, (Regulation and Steering III - for a Renewal of the Legal Theory and Method), ed. Ellen Margerethe Basse and Vibeke Jensen, Gad 1992, 20 pp.
7. ”Att hugga i sten utan att gå bet”, in Den svenska arbetsrätten i ett nytt Europa (The Swedish Labour Law in a New Europe), Birgitta Nyström (ed), Carlssons, Stockholm 1993, 16 pp.
8. ”Miljöetik och miljörätt” (Environmental Ethics and Environmental Law), in Uno Svedin (ed) Miljöetik - för ett samhälle på människans och naturens villkor, Forskningsrådsnämnden, rapport 94:2, Uppsala 1994, 18 pp.
9. ”Forskning om livsstilsfrågor” in Forskning om livsstil och miljö, (Research on Lifestile and Environment), FRN, rapport 94:6, Stockholm 1994, 5 pp.
10. "Rätten i förvandling" (Law in Change), 1995, in Margareta Bertilsson (ed), Rätten i förvandling. Jurister mellan stat och marknad., 35 pp
11. "Law as a Safetybelt and Market as an Enforcer", together with Minna Gillberg, in Mats Rolén (ed), Challenges in Environmental Human Dimensions Research. Some Swedish Perspectives, FRN (Swedish Council for Planning and Coordination of Research) 1996, 21 pp.
12. "Kontorets arbetsmiljö i ett rättsligt perspektiv", (Working Environment at the Office from a Legal Perspective), chapter in the book Kontoret, tekniken och människan (Office, Technology and Human Beings), Lund 1996, pp 195 - 214.
13. "Hur kunskapslandskapet kan förmås att matcha jordmanteln" (The correspondence between Knowledge about Landuse and Landcover), in Tuija Hilding-Rydevik (ed), Samspelet Mark-Vatten-Miljö (The Interplay between Land-Water-Environment), FRN (Swedish Council for Planning and
Coordination of Research) 1997, 22 pp.
14. "Vart har rätten tagit vägen?", (Where is the Law these days?), article in the book Rätten i förändring, 11 pp., 1997
15. "Om behovet av en moralisk rätt", (On the Need for a Moral Law), article in the book Rätten i förändring, 8 pp., 1997
16. "Rättens samhälleliga funktioner - då och nu", (The Societal Functions of Law - past and present), article in the book Rättssociologi - då och nu, 12 pp., 1997
17. "Vad är rättssociologi?" Om rättssociologins forskningsuppgifter nu och i framtiden, (What is Sociology of Law? The Research Agenda for Sociology of Law Now and in the Future), article in the book Rättssociologi - då och nu, 30 pp., 1997
18. "From Sustainability to Reality via Law", article in the book Petersen, Hanne & Poppel, Birger, Dependency, Autonomy, Sustainability in the Arctic, pp 363 - 375.
19. "Environmental Decision-Making in Sweden - Conflict Resolution, a Matter of Consensus in Favour ot the Environment?", together with Minna Gillberg, in Helmut Weidner (ed), Alternative Dispute Resolution in Environmental Conflicts. Experiences in 12 Countries, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin, 1998
20. "Hållbar utveckling ur ett rättssociologiskt/normvetenskapligt perspektiv", (Sustainable Development from the Perspective of Sociology of Law), in FRN Report 1998:14 Hållbart samhälle - en antologi, (Sustainable Dev. - an Anthology), 25 pp.
21. "The dependency of Laws upon Norms - the Hallandsås Debacle" i Land Use and Nature Protection, Emergin Legal Aspects, Helle Tegner Anker & Ellen Margrethe Basse (eds.) 2000
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27. Vad berättar våra nuvarande regler om dagens samhälle för framtida generationer? I Normvetenskapliga reflektioner (red. Annika Rejmer). Research Report in Sociology of Law 2004:5. 


Contributions at Conferences and Other Publications

1. ”Rättslig styrning för kompetensutveckling” (Legal conditions for Development of Competence in Working Life) in Kompetens i arbete (Competence in Working Life), (ed) Christer Marking, Göteborg 1992.
2. ”A Sustainable Strategy: Instruments of Control for Environmental Policy in Regard to NOx and Oil - a Question of a Step from Green Image to Green Practice”, co-author, in Sustainable Patterns of Consumption and Production, Nordic Council/Tema Nord 1995:588, 1995, 42 pp.
3. "När kunskapen blir onödig - om normativ asymmetri i fallet Hallandsåsen" (When knowledge Become Unnecessary - About Normative Dissonance in the Case of the Tunnel Through the Ridge Hallandsåsen) in SOU 1998:137, together with Matthias Baier, 34 pp
4. "The Origin and Concept of Labour Law" i Proceedings from the Swedish-Guatemalan Seminar on Consensus-Building, Governance and Democracy, December 1, 1998, 2000
5. ”Remunarative Gifts, Societal Development and Legal Futures”, in SOU 2002:112 Law and Information Technology, Swedish Views, pp 33-43
6. “Self-employed – The Problem of Societal Development and Adequate Legal Concepts”, in SOU 2002:112 Law and Information Technology, Swedish Views, pp 161-166